VA Benefits and GI Bill


Trax Air Flight Academy is VA approved to use the GI Bill if you have this benefit available to you from military experience.


Receiving Benefits

You must have Private Pilot License (Airplane) in order to start receiving benefits from VA. In other words, VA does not cover Private Pilot course, because it is considered to be a recreational course, even though it is a prerequisite to start your Instrument and Commercial flight training courses.

Courses covered under GI Bill

  • Instrument Rating Airplane
  • Commercial Single Engine Airplane
  • Commercial Multi Engine Add-on Airplane
Post 9/11 GI Bill

If you have Post 9-11 GI Bill available to you, it covers up to $10,000 per year. As well as the GI Bill, veterans might have the option of receiving VA loans to attend Trax Air Flight Academy.




Educational loan through University Degree


We are partnering with Utah Valley University (UVU). They offer AS and BS degrees online. Aviation Administration (for Helicopters and Airplanes) and Aviation Professional Pilot (for Airplanes only). UVU provides financial aid to those who qualify. You can use financial aid at your discretion once you receive it. Many people use it for flight training. Flight training courses convert to credits with UVU towards a degree. Also their financial aid advisor has information on alternative methods of financing, so make sure to ask about those.







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